Pre-Order a REFURBISHED Single Bit Axe

Pre-Order a REFURBISHED Single Bit Axe

  • Sizes: 32" or 36" 
  • Finish: Storied, original
  • Handle: US Hickory picked for grain and character
  • Weight: 5-8lb
  • Company: various
  • Hand-crafted Sheath: OR leather. Waxed for weather protection. 
Trust Co Single Bit Axes are lovingly refurbished in our Portland, OR workshop.
Refurbishing aims to maintain the character of the decades of use and weathering of the axe while bring it back to a safe, useable condition. Trust Co refurbishing includes: 1. Rust removal, 2. Reshaping and resharpening of the edges, 3. Sealing of the axe head, 4. Re-handling to a 100% hickory handle picked for grain, 5. Oiling and shaping of handle, and finally 6. Our hand-crafted custom-fit Oregon leather sheath. We apply a wax protectant on the leather to top it off.

Trust Co Refurbished Axes tell a story that you get to carry on. Looking for the Trust Co Restored Axe with it's restored mirror finish? Click here

Pre-order lead times is 4-6 weeks. We can do rush orders on a per-case basis. Email 

Please contact us at to inquiry about our custom wood-burned engravings costs!