About Trust Co.

A lot of knowledge has been lost between our grandparents’ generation and ours. Things are a little too distant. Too safe. Too disposable. Too easy. For as much as we have, we don’t feel whole.

Trust Co. exists because we rediscovered some basic truths:

  • The things you understand are the things you appreciate
  • The things you work for are the things you value
  • The things you make with your own hands are the things you love

We’re not the first to figure these out – and we won’t be the last. But now, they’re part of our story, and we’re doing our part to pass on the tradition.


Trust Co. challenges you to restore the callouses to your life. To get out and do more.


The axe is one of the oldest and simplest tools ever created – and it’s the most empowering. It’s shelter and warmth. Power and protection. Its design is time-tested – every angle and curve evolved to serve a purpose that’s immediately understood just by feeling its weight in your hands.

The simplicity and purity of the axe resonates in everything we do. We restore the tools, knowledge, traditions that have been missing from our everyday lives. Trust Co. heritage goods are a blank slate for you to write your story – and pass it on.

Grip. Aim. Trust.
Our Process


Trust Co. restoration starts with the axe head. We grind out decades of rust, and reshape the bit to remove chips and nicks from the edge. Then the edge is sharpened in a convex shape to ensure safe splitting and chopping.

Throughout this process, we do our best to preserve historical markings and other unique characteristics to ensure the personality of the steel is not lost. The quality of the steel in these vintage axe heads surpasses what is available today, and Trust Co. restoration gives them new life to be used for generations to come.

Trust Co. handles are hand made from individually selected 100% USA hickory. We pick our handles to have the highest quality wood and grain orientation to ensure they stand up to decades of use.

Our signature handle shape is a custom creation based on the best designs we’ve found. It’s not a science – it’s simply about what we believe feels, looks and works best. Once you’ve felt the smooth, slender grip and elegant curve, you’ll know why we say Grip. Aim. Trust.

Trust Co’s first belief is to reuse and reclaim what’s been made. Most of the time, that means restoring axes into a blank slate for you to write your story. But every so often, we find an axe whose story isn’t over – it’s just waiting for the next chapter.

These legacy collection products are individually refurbished on a case-by-case basis to pristine working condition with the intention to preserve historical details and unique qualities of the axe including brand marks, original colors, and historical accuracy to the best of our ability.

Trust Collective

There are many people who inspire, support and challenge us. We are a community of makers, creatives, doers, dreamers, explorers, adventurers, and more.

If Trust Co. speaks to something within you, then you’re a part of that collective. If you’re ever in Portland, come say hello.

Trust Co.
523 SE Pine Street
Portland, OR 97214 info@trustco.us