Trust Co. FAQs

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What size/style axe should I get?

Finding the right axe is a blend of your personal preferences and the task you'll be using it for. Most Trust Co. axes are of the "felling axe" variety – which are designed cut down trees with a slender shape that can cut against the grain. But, you can use them just as well making kindling for a backyard fire.

So that's maybe a long way of saying "it's up to you."

Can I send you an axe I have to be restored?

From time to time we do custom restorations. If you've got an axe that needs some loving care, drop us a line at with some info and pictures so we can size up the job. 

How do I return my product?

Please contact us at to arrange your return.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, if your country is not listed, please contact us for specific shipping costs:

Can I put a custom mark/message on my product? How do I do that?

You absolutely can customize your Trust Co product with a name, logo, or some other meaningful inscription. 

If you're interested in a custom mark, you must contact us before you buy your

We work with a partner company in Portland, OR to do all specialized marks, and need to determine pricing and lead time on a case-by-case basis. Bare minimum, it adds 4 weeks to the shipping turn around. If you're interested in a custom mark, contact us before you buy your product.

How do I care for my Trust Co. axe?

For a lifetime (or more) or use start with these basic steps:

  • Keep your axe clean and dry
  • Rub the handle down with linseed oil once or twice a year
  • Sharpen the blade as needed, using a metal file and some lubricating oil (wear protective gloves)

What happens if my Trust Co. product needs repairs?


Where is your shop located? How can I visit?

Contact us to set up a visit!


I have a retail shop – Who do I contact about carrying Trust Co. products?

Thanks for asking.